Instrument Rental
We believe in our students. That's why we offer an affordable instrument rent-to-own program.
Ada Music Center is dedicated to music education, and our rental program makes it affordable
Our school band package includes everything the beginning band student will need:
Instrument, Music book, stand, instrument care kit, repair and replacement coverage (optional)
Your initial down payment provides:
Instrument with case & mouthpiece
Music Book ($9 value)
Music Stand ($17 value)
Instrument Care Kit ($14-$18 value)
First month's Repair/Replacement coverage
used instruments available:
Used instruments are available on a first come, first serve basis. Down payments on all used intruments are $55.
How our rental plan works:
Initial down payment covers everything listed above. 100% of the monthly rent goes toward the purchase of the instrument, with a three month minimum requirement. If you return the instrument, payments are considered rent. If the instrument is returned, the contract is voided. You pay only for the time you kept the instrument.

Optional Repair/Replacement (R&R) coverage:
This option is available to take care of any repairs needed to maintain playability of the instrument. The only things not covered are drumsticks, mouthpieces, reeds, accessories, personal items, and cosmetic damage that does not affect the playability. If the instrument is damaged beyond repair or lost by fire or theft, AMC will replace the instrument with one of equal or better condition.

The initial down payment can be paid in cash, check or credit card. Afterwards, ALL monthly payments are made by an automatic charge on your credit card. We require a credit or debit card to have on file. If during the first three months your child wishes to change instruments, and the band director approves, all payments made toward the original instrument will apply toward the new instrument. After three months, one-half of all payments will apply.

Down Payments:
All used instruments: $55
All new instruments (except saxophones): $75
New saxophones: $99
Pay cash, save more.

By choosing the cash price, you not only save 25% off the price of the instrument, but you also get the following savings:

School Band Package Supplies for free: book, music stand, and care kit.

One year of Repair/Replacement coverage for free, valued at $96.

No finance charges!

You still have the option to return. If for any reason you need to return the instrument, you can do so after nine (9) months and we will refund your money minus what it would have cost to rent the instrument for nine months!

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