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Classical Piano Solo Mixed Collections

Classical Piano Solos by Composer

National Federation of Music Clubs Piano Solos, July 2016-June 2020

Early Elementary Piano Solos

Mid-Elementary Piano Solos

Late Elementary Piano Solos

Early Intermediate Piano Solos

Mid-Intermediate Piano Solos

Late Intermediate Piano Solos

Music by W.T. Skye Garcia

Piano Duets and Ensembles


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Ballad of the Matador


Get With It by S. King


Impromptu Piano Solos by Mildred Spures


Jazz Connection by E. Baumgartner


Kitten on the Keyboard by C. Matz


Linus and Lucy piano solo


Play Praise Most Requested


Sail-Away Sonatina by J. Strickland


The Knight's Tale by C. Rollin


Trick or Treat Suite by A. Demarest


Unicorn Ride by K. Polhamus