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Marching Band Accessories

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APM Sousaphone Lyre, 8" XLong


Yamaha Marching Baritone Lyre


Dynasty Flutist's Friend Marching Flute Lyre


APM Bb Clarinet Lyre


Yamaha Clarinet Lyre nickel


Selmer Bb Clarinet Lyre


APM Alto Sax Lyre brass


Selmer Alto/Tenor Sax Lyre brass


APM Trumpet Lyre Bent


APM Trumpet Straight Lyre brass


APM Trumpet Straight Lyre silver


APM Trumpet Clamp on Lyre


Bach Trumpet Lyre Clamp On Brass


Dynasty Trumpet Clamp-On Lyre


APM Tenor Trombone Lyre Brass


Yamaha Trombone Lyre Lacquered Brass


C.G. Conn Plasti Lyre Tenor Trombone


C.G. Conn Plasti Lyre Tenor Trombone Large Shank


Bach Trombone Lyre Small Shank


Bach Trombone Lyre Large Shank


Dynasty Trombone Clamp-On Lyre


APM Bass Trombone Lyre 2 Piece Brass


APM Sousaphone Lyre


Dynasty Marching Snare Clamp On Lyre


Flip Folder


Flip Folder Windows


Flip Folder Rings plastic


Flip Folder Rings metal


Yamaha Alto Saxophone End Plug


Marching Gloves white cotton grip on palms


Marching Gloves white cotton plain palms


Neotech Sousaphone Cradle Pad Black


Neotech Sousaphone Shoulder Pad Black


Dynasty French Horn to Mellophone Mouthpiece Adapter


Acme Thunderer Whistle


Acme Tornado Referee Whistle