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We have a plan to maintain or improve the condition of your instrument inventory. Let Ada Music Center make your life "SIMPle" this year.

• Warranty
• Pickup at your convenience
• Delivery by August 1st
• Flexible billing (current year or next year)
• School budget friendly
• Percussion Repair and Service available

How It Works:

 Ada Music Center will come pick up your instrument inventory. After labeling and estimating the instruments, we will leave you with a copy of the total pricing. When maintenance is complete, AMC will return your instruments by August 1st.
If you send 90% of your inventory, AMC will warranty it for the rest of the school year (excluding the cost of major parts i.e. pistons, sax key, etc.) Brass and woodwind instruments, as well as their respective cases, are covered.
Brass Maintenance includes a chemical flush, clean and lube. It also covers needed repairs to the instrument
(i.e. soldering, valve work, and reachable dent removal.)
Woodwind Maintenance includes regulation to playing condition and replacement of any worn or missing pads or corks.
If you or your administrator have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment for pickup, please give us a call. We take pride in serving Oklahoma schools and would look forward to building a lasting relationship with you!